Allocate Stock

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Allocate Stock

Main Menu > Sales > Sales Order

A. Goods without S/N

  1. Go to Sales Order Panel;

  2. Click Allocate;

  3. Fill in the quantity of goods to be allocated, and then click Approve & Allocate;

  4. Done.

B. Goods with S/N

  1. Go to Sales Order Panel, and then click on the top-right-hand side comer of the system;

  2. Click Visit Mobile Version;

  3. Click Allocate & Pick Goods on Mobile Menu Screen (if you have barcode scanner, please check the Barcode scanner box below);

  4. Fill in Warehouse and SO number, and then click Submit;

  5. Manually input the goods S/N (or scan the Barcode of the goods), and then click Submit;

  6. Done.