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Sales Reports (Sample)

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[COUP_01] Coupon Usage

[COUP_02] Unused Coupon List

[COUP_03] Usage of redeemable items

[COUP_04] Sales related to usage of redeemable items

[COUP_05] List of coupons that will expire soon

[COUP_06] List of usage of coupon

[INVO_01] Invoice Listing

[INVO_02] Item sales of all companies

[INVO_03] Growth of customers per month

[INVO_04] Growth of customers per month with details

[INVO_05] Sales trend report by item type

[INVO_06] Daily sales report by sales representative

[INVO_07] Gross Profit of Invoice

[INVO_08] POS Site sales amount by month

[INVO_09] Sales amount report by customer analysis code

[INVO_10] Sales amount report by customer

[INVO_11] Sales amount report by sales representative

[INVO_12] Sales trend report by company

[INVO_13] Net Profit of Invoice

[INVO_14] Item sales by warehouse

[INVO_15] Daily sales report by POS site

[INVO_17] Commission list by sales representative

[INVO_18] Commission Detail List

[INVO_19] Item sales by day

[INVO_20] Invoice Report With Return Inwards

[INVO_21] Top selling products by quantity

[INVO_22] Items sold in a period grouped by warehouse for replenishment

[INVO_23] Summary of Net Profit of Invoices

[INVO_24] Invoice Report

[INVO_25] Serial Number Listing

[INVO_26] Qty sold by day in a month

[INVO_27] Item sales with pictures

[INVO_28] Item sales grouped by customers

[INVO_29] Invoices grouped by item type

[INVO_30] Item sales by sales rep

[INVO_31] Item Sales in brand and item type grouped by sales rep and customer

[INVO_32] Monthly Sales Summary by Shop, Sales Type

[INVO_33] Item Sales grouped by Sales Type and Brand

[INVO_34] Summary of Net Profit of Invoices (by Average Cost)

[INVO_35] Net Profit of Invoice (by Average Cost)

[INVO_36] Daily Sales Summary by Shop, Sales Type (Average Cost)

[INVO_37] Sales Summary by Brand, Sales Rep, Item Type, Sales Type

[INVO_38] Sales report grouped by customer, brand, item type, item code

[INVO_39] Voided Invoice List

[INVO_41] Items sold with S/N

[INVO_42] Sales grouped by ranges of unit price

[INVO_43] Chart of quantity sold grouped by unit price

[INVO_44] List of usage of bundles

[INVO_45] Invoice and return inwards list grouped by customers

[INVO_46] Customers who need refill

[INVO_Print] Invoice Reprint

[PRCE_01] Price Change History

[QUOT_01] Sales Quotation Listing

[RETI_01] List of Return Inwards (Summary)

[RETI_02] List of trade-in (Summary)

[RETI_03] List of trade-in (Details)

[RETI_04] List of return inwards (Details)

[RMAR_01] Pending RMA List

[RMAR_02] RMA List

[SALE_01] Sales details of selected customer

[SALE_02] Apparent Sales Report

[SORD_01] Sales Order Listing

[SORD_02] Sales Order Details Report

[SORD_03] Sales Order Details Excel Report

[SORD_04] Pending Sales Order Report

[SORD_05] Sales orders by POS sites

[SORD_06] Sales orders vs purchase orders

[SORD_07] Sales order list for creating installment contracts

[SORD_08] Sales order list for installation

[SORD_09] Unbilled sales order list

[SORD_10] Pending Sales Order Grouped by Items

[SORD_11] Voided SO list

[SORD_12] Unallocated SO list

[SORD_14] Unbilled sales order list (without item details)