Stock Take

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Stock Take

stock tale is used for checking of items, often for inspection.




Date of stock take

Start of date of stock take

Date of completion

Completion date of stock take


Warehouse where doing the stock take

Item type

Item type for the stock take

Item code

Range of item for the stock take

Product analysis code

Product analysis code of the stock take

Analysis Code 1

Analysis code of the stock take


Remark of the stock take

Stock Take Tab

Upload the spreadsheet of stock take result

Details Tab



Approved by

Name of user who approved this record

Approved on

The approval date of the stock take

  1. Main Menu > Logistic > Inventory > Stock Take, Click Add New ;

  1. Filter Stock Take item, and then click Save ;

  1. Click Print to download Stock Take Excel Form ; (* If you use Data Collector, please skip step 3 & 4, and read the remark)

(The format of above excel: Stock Take Report Format)

  1. Fill in Actual Qty for every item while you doing stock take ;  (* If you use Data Collector, please skip step 3 & 4, and read the remark)

  1. Choose the correct format of your stock take file, and then upload the excel file to system; (If you use Data Collector, please select the format of Data Collector)

  1. After uploaded the file, it will download StkTake_Print.xls for your checking the result;

  1. Click Complete to finish Stock Take;

  1. Click Approve to create Stock Adjust record.

  1. Select Stock Adjust Reason and Gain or loss of stock adjustment account, and then click Create Stock Adjustment, Done.

* Remark: The Excel below is exported from Data Collector. 1st Column represents Item Code or BarCode, 2nd Column is Actual Quantity.

               Please follow step 5 to upload this Excel to system, and choose the format as Data Collector.