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Main Menu > Sales > Campaign

A. Setting Points Multiplier

  1. Add New > Type > Points Multiplier;

  1. Fill in campaign name;

  1. Fill in points multiplier and other information;

  1. Done.

B. Setting Next Purchase Coupon

1. Add New > Type > Next Purchase Coupon

2. Fill in Campaign Name:

3, Setting Customer Price Group (if blank = All Groups), Start and End Date, and Redeemable item.

4. In Menu > Sales > Coupon > Redeemable Items, setting email content, which will be sent to customers after invoice created.

5. After Invoice created, customer will receive email:

(Custom Email Format)

(Default Format: if no settings of email subject and content)

FAQ: How to set Item Code Pattern?

- In Above Case: Prefix of Item Code start from "clo" and "Wine" are effective for this campaign.

- Symbol Explanation:


Item Code Start from. e.g. ^clo which mean Item Code start from clo are effective, such as clothes, closet, etc.


To Separate two Pattern. e.g. Pattern A Or Pattern B


All Item Code Included.