Return Inwards

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Return Inwards

Return inwards record is created when you accept the return of goods from customers after issuing invoices.

Two method to return inwards:

Starting Steps

  1. Main Menu > Sales > Return Inwards;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Select Return Inwards Type.

A. From Invoice Return Inwards

  1. Fill in Invoice Number;

  2. Select Warehouse.

  1. Click Update;

  1. Click Goods in and Credit note;

  1. Done.

B. Ad hoc Return Inwards

  1. Select Date , Sales Type and Customer;

  1. Click Add to select item;

  1. Click Update;

  2. Click Goods in and Credit note;

  1. Done.

Update Wrong Invoice

When issue wrong invoice , please do return invoice process to issue new invoice again.

  1. Main Menu > Sales > Invoice;

  2. Click Settle by deposit;

  1. Select and fill in information, click Confirm return inwards;

  1. System inform that return invoice successfully.

  2. Issue new invoice follow Invoice guide.

  3. Done.

Void Return Invoice

Click Void, done.