Credit Note

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Credit Note

If an invoice needs to be settled (paid) a credit note can be used to return money to the customer.




Credit note no.

System generated credit note no.


Indicate whether the credit has been approved

System generated

Indicate whether the credit note is generated by system or entered manually

Hidden from customer

Hidden credit note will not be shown in accounts statements


Date of credit note


Customer to whom the credit note is issued

Customer ref

Customer’s reference number

Return inwards no.

Return inwards number of the Credit note

Amount credit to customer

The amount credited to customer

Handling charge

Handling charge that the customer should pay.  The handling charge will be deducted from the amount credited to customer. In other words, the net usable amount of the credit note is the credit amount less the handling charge.


The amount of the credit note that has been used by  the customer


The amount of the credit note left unused


Remark for the credit note

Accounts Tab



Internal note

Internal note for the credit note

Credit note a/c

GL account credited for the amount of credit note

Return inwards a/c

GL account debited for the amount of credit note.

Handling charge revenue a/c

GL account holding revenue for handling charge

Cost center

Cost center for the handling charge revenue

Refund Tab



Amount refunded

The amount refunded to customer in this credit note

Bank charge

The bank charge incurred when refunding to customer

Bank charge a/c

GL account holding the bank charge


The bank reference number about the refund, e.g. cheque number or T/T reference number

Refunded by

Name of user who refunded the credit note

Address Tab

Address of the customer

Details Tab



Approved by

Name of user who approved the credit note

Voided by

Name of user who voided the credit note

A. Create Credit Note

  1. Main Menu > Accounting > General Ledger > Credit Note;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in Information, and then click Continue;

  4. Fill in any additional Information, and then click Update;

  5. Done.

B. Refunding a Credit Note

  1. View Credit Note and Click Refund;

  1. Fill in refund information;

  1. Click Refund;

  2. Done.