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UOM code

Internal code of the UOM

Text printed

The text to be printed on documents to represent the UOM.  It can be left blank if you want to have just the qty printed without descriptive UOM.

Precision of unit

The allowed precision when using the UOM.  When it is 1, it means quantity must be whole number. This is common in most business where items cannot be separated into smaller pieces.  In some special business such as items are priced by weight or length, It requires higher precision. When it is 0.1, it means that decimal numbers up to 1 decimal place (d.p.) are allowed such as 1.5 and 3.6. 0.01 means decimal numbers up to 2 d.p. are allowed and so on.

Item type name

Name of item type

Sales tax rate

Rate of sales tax

Name in MOSES Net

Name displayed at the www.mosesnet.com (i.e. your online shop).

Corresponding public product group in MOSES Net

The item category displayed at the www.mosesnet.com. It helps clients searching your products in the MOSES Net web site.

Shipping price unit mode

There are choices of free, UOM, weight and volume. It determines the units of the logistics charges. For example, logistics firms charge delivering items by weight.

Commission Group

The sales of corresponding products will be calculated in the commission of corresponding salesperson. The commission group and the rates can be set at Sales Setting Commission Group. No commission group means the items belonging to this item type do not count commission.

Can earn award points

Checking this box can allow customers accumulate award points when purchasing these items from your company.

S/N pattern

Validating the serial numbers of a item when receiving purchase. Use Regular Expression to type the format.

COGS account

If no specify, the default account follows COGS account in Sales Type.