Purchasing Group

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Purchasing Group

Purchasing groups are used to organize purchase orders for convenience (e.g. buy once a month).

If your companies have many items for sale, managing replenishment is a difficult task making it not feasible for the job to be done by one staff member or in one day.  If this is the case, grouping purchases to make them more manageable is possible with MOSES. Replenishing designated groups during different time frames allows this to be possible. (e.g. first week of a month for group A of items and second week for group B of items).  A purchasing group is used to divide items into groups so that you can concentrate on replenishment of different purchasing groups at different time or by different staff members.




Name of the purchasing group


Remark of the purchasing group

Record is disabled

Purchasing group is disabled if checked

Creating a Purchasing Group

  1. Click Purchasing Group;

  1. Click Add New;

  2. Fill in information;

  3. Click Save;

  4. Done.