Receive Purchase

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Receive Purchase

There are 3 methods to receive a purchase:

Starting Steps

  1. Main Menu > Purchase > Receive Purchase;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in PO number that was received;

  4. Click Continue;

A. Steps to Receive all items in PO

  1. Click Receive all items in PO;

  2. Click Update;

  3. Done.

B. Steps to Select PO lines to receive

  1. Click Select PO lines to receive;

  2. Select items to receive;

  1. Click Continue;

  1. Click Update;

  2. Done;

C. Steps to Export then import using Excel

  1. Click Download excel of unreceived items;

  2. Enter quantity received for each item then save the spreadsheet;

  3. Select the spreadsheet file that was just updated .Then click Import item to receive;

  4. Done.