Vendor Classification

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Vendor Classification

Vendor classification is used to describe and group vendors for analysis.

These are classification of vendors.  A vendor can only have 1 vender classification. A minimum of 1 vender classification must exist in MOSES.  If you need different creditor accounts for different vendors, additional vendor classification will be necessary.




Name of the classification

Creditor a/c

GL account for holding the payables

Debit a/c when receiving credit note

GL account for holding the amount of received credit notes from vendors

Discount received a/c

GL account for holding the discount received from vendors

Consigned goods payable a/c

GL account for holding the payable consigned goods


Remark of the vendor classification

Record is disabled

Vendor classification is disabled if checked

Creating a new vendor classification

  1. Main Menu > Accounting > Settings > Vendor Classification;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in information;

  4. Click Save;

  5. Done.