How to sale coupon in the shop and pirnt it out?

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How to sale coupon in the shop and print it out?

First, set the coupon in the ERP, step as below:

  1. Main Menu > Sales > Coupon > Redeemable Items;
  2. Click add new;
  3. Enter type, code and name;

  1. Enter coupon information;

Tips: if take points required box, means customers need points to redeem coupon; if not, customers no need points to redeem coupon.

Above step , already set the selling coupon. If you want to sell coupon in the shop, please treat the coupon as a product, so next step add the new products (coupon) in the system.

  1. Main Menu > Items > Items;
  2. Click add new;
  3. Enter item information;

  1. Click continue;
  2. Select coupon under sales section, sell coupon with setting;
  3. Select under accounting section, expenses account for charge/service item;
  4. Click update;

In this stage, add new item finished; When customer buy coupon via shop, by POS can print out the coupon.

  1. Login MOSES POS;
  2. Click sales;
  3. Select customers;
  4. Add items, type item code (coupon code) or search item (coupon name).
  5. Finish payment;
  6. System auto generate invoice.

  1. Finish.