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RMA provide a combination of delivery and procedural controls for managing return process.

Following step, we give an example of whole RMA process including ERP operation and POS operation.

Step 1: When customer walk into the shop, sales person received the prepare to repaired items.

  1. Click add, add items;
  2. Click save;

  1. Select payment method, click OK;

  1. system auto generate the invoice as below;

Step 2: Transfer item to the warehouse

  1. Main Menu > Sales > RMA;
  2. Click view, add actual cost and parts;

  1. Click complete;

  1. Click stock transfer; (if the item need to transfer to another warehouse to be repaired, in this example, sales person transfer the item to Main warehouse).

  1. Click stock transfer;

  1. Click receive;(transfer to main warehouse successfully).

Step 3: Transfer the item back to the original warehouse (shop 1)

  1. Main Menu > Sales > RMA;

  1. Click stock transfer;

Step 4 : Customer pick the item up

  1. POS > enquiry > RMA list;

  1. Select the item need to return back to customer;
  2. Click return;

  1. Click return to customer;

  1. Click OK, system auto generate invoice to customer;