How to setup Apple Pay & Google Pay for my website?

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How to setup Apple Pay & Google Pay for my website?

If you want to setup Apple Pay and Google Pay as payment gateway on MOSES Net, you need to create an account on Stripe (, which is one of the payment provider for Mobile phone, and then follow our setting guide below on MOSES ERP:

  1. Go to MOSES ERP: Main Menu > Accounting > Settings > Payment Provider;

  2. Click "Add New", fill in Payment Provider Name and choose Predefined provider as Stripe, and then click "Continue";

  3. Fill in Charge Percent which the payment provider charged, and then click Update;

  4. When you finished setting of Payment Provider, go to  Main Menu > Accounting > Settings > Customer Pay Method;

  5. Click "Add New", fill in the Name of Customer Pay Method, and then click "Continue";

  6. Fill in Debit account, Expense account for bank charge, choose Stripe as Payment Provider, unchecked Use for POS, and then click "Update";

  7. Go to Main Menu > MOSES Net > Maintain Data > Company Info, fill in Publishable Key and Secret Key provided by Stripe.

  8. Go to Main Menu > MOSES Net > Synchronize data to MOSES Net, synchronize the settings to MOSES Net;

  9. When customers checkout on your website using mobile phone, they can choose Apple Pay or Google Pay;
    a. Apple Pay (For iOS mobile)

    b. Google Pay (For Android mobile)