FAQ List

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FAQ List

  1. What should I do when I issued an invoice with wrong amount or items?

  2. Why is the logo on  the invoice displaying incorrectly?

  3. Why does an error occur when I try auto upgrade with Windows XP?

  4. Some items we offer are really low priced. How can I exclude items from additional discounts?

  5. What should I do if the actual quantity of an item does not match the figure in MOSES?

  6. How to show Remind Message for Specific Customers in POS?

  7. I want to print 1000 coupons and distribute to customers. How can I generate 1000 coupons easily?

  8. Where can I input Vendor Product Code?

  9. Can I have negative stock?

  10. Can I associate expenses such as delivery, insurance, bank charges, etc. with a sales order so that I can know the net profit in addition to gross profit?

  11. I used the wrong payment method in AR. How can I correct it?

  12. How do I revise the email template?

  13. How to avoid some users access to invoice & SO with specific brands?

  14. How to display Customer Item Code on Invoice?

  15. How to print out coupon after customer buy it in shop?

  16. How to integrate coupon code with URL?

  17. How to avoid some system users access to customers information?

  18. Why Edit button disappeared in Sales Order and Invoice ?

  19. How to use replenishment plan to replenish inventory?

  20. How to set and print EC-Ship labels?

  21. How to set expire member points on anniversary?

  22. How do I set a message to be displayed on POS for a specific item?

  23. How to setup Apple Pay & Google Pay for my website?

  24. How to consign products to the customer?

  25. How to consigned goods for vendor?

  26. How to set shipping fee for my online shop?