How to integrate URL with coupon?

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How to integrate coupon code with URL?

Send your customer promotion email, and when customer click the promotion button ("special offer" as above image), they can enjoy discount buying things.


  1. Main Menu > Sales > Coupon > Coupon;
  2. Select coupon, or add coupon;
  3. Edit the URP with coupon code in email;


* If after customer click special offer link, will display the target item, please edit the item page URL as original item page URL+"&coupon=<coupon code>". For example, coupon code : 1234567,  item page URL "",so the special offer button link should be "".

* If after customer click special offer link, then display website homepage, please set "homepage URL+?coupon=<coupon code>", for example, coupon code : 1234567,  website homepage URL "".


When customer via this link to item page, the coupon code auto applied.