How to print out coupon when customer buy coupon via POS in shop?

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How to print out coupon after customer buy it in shop?

First , set coupon in MOSES ERP:

  1. Main Menu > Sales > Coupon > Redeemable Items;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Select type, Coupon Type , enter code and name;

  1. Edit coupon information;

Note: If select points required, it means customer need points to redeem coupon;

  1. Fill in coupon details;

  1. Click Update;

After setup coupon, then sale coupon, please follow the below setting (same as set sale item process):

  1. Main Menu > Items >Items;

  1. Click add new;
  2. Choose sales tab, select sell coupon with setting;

Note: Select the coupon code and name, you just set.

  1. Choose accounting tab, select expenses account for charge/service item;

  1. Click update;

The final step, print coupon via POS:

  1. Login MOSES POS;
  2. Click sales;
  3. If customer is member, click customer or add customer;
  4. Add items, enter item code (coupon code) or search coupon code, e.g. search "2015cash100";
  5. Finish payment;
  6. System auto generate invoice;

  1. System auto generate coupon ,please print it via POS;