How to consign products to the customer?

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How to consign products to the customer?


  1. Main Menu > Sales > Consign to customer;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Select Customer and Sales Rep;

  1. Select warehouse you wish to consign or import items using Excel file;

  2. Click Continue;

  1. Fill in information;

  2. Add items you wish to consign;

  3. If Customer has more than one Warehouse, please go to Delivery tab, and then choose specific address;

  1. Click Update;

  2. Click Approve;

  3. Done.

Steps of Billing Invoice to Customer

* you can refer to general sales flow to bill invoice to customers

Steps of Returning Consigned Items from Customer

1. Main Menu > Logistic > Inventory > Stock Transfer

2. Click Add New;

3. Insert From (Customer's) Warehouse and To (Company's) Warehouse;

4. Add Items which need to be returned;

5. Saved