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Coupon discount type:



Coupon Code

Coupon code of the coupon, customer can enter the coupon code for a discount while shopping online.

Coupon type

Coupon type of the coupon

Effective date

Effective date of the coupon


Expiry date of the coupon


Remark of the coupon


Offer type of the coupon, can be either Cash or Discount

Apply discount in priority

In the online store, regardless of the order in which the customer enters the coupon, if there is a coupon with this option checked, this discount will be calculated first.

Apply discount to delivery charge

Only discount the delivery charge of the online store

Usable within time

The period of time that the coupon can be used.

For customer

The coupon is only usable for a specific customer if it is set.

For customer price group

Only for specific customer price group if it is set

Used when purchase equal or over

The condition of using the coupon, it requires the purchased amount equal or over certain amount

Limited to purchase up to

The condition of using the coupon, it limits the purchase amount up to certain amount

Limited quota

Quota of the coupon

Only applicable on item type

Only usable for specific item type

Include item code

Only usable for the selected items

Exclude item code

Cannot be used for the selected items