Item Type

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Item Type

Main Menu > Items > Item Type

Items type are used to group items for analysis.(E.g. commission, reward points)

Item types are used to group similar items to facilitate analysis and manage item settings such as commission and award point calculation.  Since every item must belong to one and only one item type, you need to define at least one item type for your corporation. A default item type is automatically created when MOSES was setup.

Create an Item Type

  1. Main Menu > Items > Item Type;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in item type name, click Continue;

  4. Fill in additional information;

  5. Add item attributes if necessary;

  6. Click Update;

  7. Done.

Auto Generation of Item Code

Popular MOSES can help you generate item codes so that you do not need to assign unique item code for each item after you finish the following settings.



Auto-generate item code

Determine whether the item code is generated by the system


The prefix of auto item code, e.g. FIG is the prefix in item code FIG0001.

Length of numeric

The numeric part of the auto item code, e.g. FIG0001 has a length of 4 in the numeric part.

Pad with zeros

Determine whether the numeric part of auto item code padded with zero, e.g. FIG0012 is padded with zero but FIG12 is not.

Next sequential no.

The start number of the auto item code, e.g. when the no. is 2, the first item code is, as the above example, FIG0002

Item code format

Checking this box can allow customers accumulate award points when

Format of Item Variants

Popular MOSES provides an option of item variants in terms of color or size. You can determine the format of item code, item name and part number.



Item code format

{0} represent the original item code, while {1} is the size code and {2} is the color code

Item name format

{0} represent the item name while {1} is the size and {2} is the color

Part number format

Same as the item code format besides {0} is the original part number

Item Attributes Tab

Each item type has unlimited item attributes. For example, a book can have different languages and a fruit can have different origins. There are two types of item attributes, limited choice and free text.

Limited choice allows user to predefine all possible values of the attribute. For example, the size of a t-shirt has XS, S, M, L and XL. So you can enter “XS;S;M;L;XL”.


Free text user to enter any text values into the attribute for each item. For example the color of each T-shirt is different. So it is difficult to enter all color and free text will be a better choice.


You have to enter the multi-language text of the attributes in order to display to your customers properly in your website.