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Main Menu > Sales > RMA

A. Steps to Create New RMA

  1. Main Menu > Sales > RMA;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in information;

  1. Select item need to be repaired, click Add;

  1. Continue to edit information, and item parts to be repaired;

  1. Click Update;

  2. Done.

B. Receive RMA

When customer put repaired item to you, click receive RMA to confirm the item to be received, and system generate report.

C. Bill RMA Invoice

After receive RMA, bill invoice to customer.

  1. Click Bill RMA;

  1. Type Actual Labour Charge;

  1. Click Bill RMA.

D. Return Vendor

This process to return the repaired item to original vendor.

  1. Click Return Vendor;

  1. Select Vendor;

  1. Click Return Vendor.

E. Return Back to Customer

* When RMA process over, return item back to customer, click complete.

* The Actual Charge of RMA, You can input at Charge > Actual Labour Charge:

F. Replace Item

1. "Line" Tab > Replace Item

2. Input details of Replace Item, and then Click Save.