Return Inwards Type

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Return Inwards Type

Return Inwards Type is used to organize different return inwards transactions.

Return inwards are transactions where customers return purchased items to you. This can occur when the items do not meet the customers’ requirements. Return inwards type defines the GL accounts used for returning inwards.  Every corporation needs at least one return inwards type before doing return inwards transaction.




Name of the return inwards type

Return inwards a/c

GL account for holding the amount of the return inwards

Revenue a/c for handling fee

Optional GL account for holding the revenue if any surcharge is being charged when customers return items


Remark of the return inwards type

Record is disabled

Return inwards type is disabled if checked

Creating a Return Inwards Type

  1. Main Menu > Accounting > Settings > Return Inwards Type;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill information;

  4. Click Continue;

  5. Click Update;

  6. Done.