Return Outwards Type

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Return Outwards Type

Return Outwards Type is used to organize different return inwards transactions.

Return outwards are transactions where you return purchased items to vendors can occur when items do not meet your requirements. Return outwards type defines the GL accounts used for returning outwards.  Every corporation needs at least one return outwards type before doing a return outwards transaction.




Name of the return outwards type

Price difference a/c

GL account for holding the difference of the price of the returned items and the actual cost.

Restock charge a/c

Optional GL account for holding the restock charge paying to vendors, if any.


Remark of the return outwards type

Creating a Return Outwards Type

  1. Main Menu > Accounting > Settings > Return Outwards Type;

  2. Click Add New;

  3. Fill in information;

  4. Click Continue;

  5. Fill in any additional information;

  6. Click Update;

  7. Done.