Example of Processing Order on MOSES Net

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Example of Processing Order on MOSES NET

Customer A Online Shopping on MOSES NET (Front end):

  1. Customer click Add to Cart;

  2. Customer click Checkout in Shopping Cart;

  3. Customer fill in billing information and shipping address, and then click Checkout;

  4. Customer confirm the payment amount;

  5. Customer received email notification for that order;

  6. Customer bank in the payment amount, and then wait for the goods delivering;

Administrator process this order on MOSES ERP (Back end):

  1. Administrator can check for the order on Main Menu > Sales > Sales Order;

  2. Once confirm the payment from customer;

  3. Allocate Stock;
    3.1 if there is enough stock, administrator can Allocate Stock directly;
    3.2 if there is out of stock, administrator can: (based on the company behaviour)
         3.2.1 Create PO, Receive Purchase,  and then Allocate Stock;
         3.2.2 or Create Production Order, Complete Production Order, and then Allocate Stock;

  4. Bill Invoice via SO;
    Note: Customer A receive email notification about goods was shipped once the invoice is billed;

  5. Pick Goods and Shipping;
    5.1 if no need to pick goods, administrator can deliver goods directly;
         5.1.1 Print Invoice;
         5.1.2 Package goods;
         5.1.3 Deliver goods via Shipping Carrier;
    5.2 if need to pick goods:
         5.2.1 Warehouse manager check for the Pick List;
         5.2.2 Warehouse manager package goods;
         5.2.3 Warehouse manager deliver goods via Shipping Carrier;